A locality on the San Pedro River called Camel Canyon has produced a number of fossils of mammals that lived there about 5 million years ago. Some of the fossils found there include bears, stabbing (saber-toothed) cats, mastodons, horses, two kinds of camels, and llamas.

Saber-toothed cat skull and tooth (replicas)Another locality on the San Pedro River just across the County line in Pima County had all the same animals plus another type of stabbing cat, wolves, dogs, wolverines, and other smaller animals.

At another locality near Camel Canyon Called Cerros Negros, fossil mammals about 2 million years old have been found. Columbian Mmammoth and North American horse fossils were found there.

Many other unusual animals have been found as fossils in different parts of Arizona. They were certainly also present in Pinal County, but have not been preserved here. Animals like sabertooth cats, lions, rhinoceros, and gomphotheres no doubt roamed the county during the last 66 million years (the Cenozoic Era).Columbian mammoth tooth

The Museum features a display on the Columbian Mammoth (Mammothus columbia) and Saber-toothed Cat (Smilodon fatalis),

A number of other fossils are displayed in nearby exhibits.

Come down to the museum and experience first hand the wonder of these marvelous remenants of a distant past.

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