• Exhibits - Arizona Minerals

    Wulfenite is the State Mineral of Arizona

    Of course we feature minerals of Arizona!

    In addition to display cases of Arizona specimens, we have others spread throughout the Museum.


    Antlerite, Cuprite, Diabase, Hemimorphite, all from Arizona

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  • Meetings List

    The Pinal County Gem And Mineral Society meets every 3rd Wednesday at the Pinal Geology and Mineral Museum in the Artisian Village, Coolidge, AZ, September through May!

    Everyone is welcome!!

    Until Further Notice all meetings will be only livestreamed on YouTube. Please see our channel for past meetings, and head there for the live events when they happen. Previous meetings remain up on YouTube.

    Adults, families, children are all invited. Begining hobbyists and seasoned professionals and everyone in between should find something of interest.

    Membership is not required to attend meetings!

    Bring your own refreshements to our online meetings!

    Virtual doors open at 6:30 pm, meeting starts 7:00pm on YouTube

    Please Note: you do have to sign in to YouTube in order to comment or ask questions. BUT you don't have to in order to watch the program!


    2020-2021 Meeting Dates:

    • August 18: August Livestream Event YouTube 7pm, All Welcome. Bob Hole gave a presentation "A Geological Trip in the Western U.S." VIDEO
    • September 16: Prof. John Weide spoke on Quartz (More Info) VIDEO
    • October 21: Dr. David Gillette spoke on "The Life and Times of the Most Famous Ice Age Animals You Never Heard of -- The Glyptodonts of Southern Arizona." VIDEO
    • November 18: Les Presmyk will speak on "The Arizona Silver Belt" on our YouTube Channel. Facebook Event Page
    • December 16: Program Provided by Mardy Zimmermann on "Joy of Fluorescents" on our YouTube Channel.
    • January 20: Tishia Stewart on Aquifers
    • February 17: Bob Hole will give a "Brief History of the Exploration of Mars" on our YouTube Channel
    • March 17: Dr Ray Grant, PGMM Director, will present "Geology of Pinal County" on our YouTube Channel
    • April 21: TBA
    • May 19: TBA
  • Turquoise of Tonapah, Nevada

    A gift of the Otteson family of Tonapah, Nevada, this group of Turquoise specimens along with some Dolomite are from their family claims near Tonapah, Nye County, Nevada.

    Turquoise has been prized for thousands of years by cultures around the world. It was one of the first gemstones to be mined. It has been mined and used in Egypt for at least 5,000 years, and in Iran for over 2,000 years.

    Turquoise is the State Gem of Arizona.

    Mineral Properties:

    • Formula: CuAl₆(PO₄)₄(OH)₈·4H₂O
    • Color: green, blue, “turquoise”
    • Luster: waxy
    • Crystal System: Triclinic
    • Hardness: 5-6


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