We Have Ideas!

We’re always on the lookout for ideas and assistance with building a better museum. Please contact Curator Ray Grant to assist with in-kind or larger donations, or if you have a major suggestion. This is our wishlist at this time.

Future Exhibits

  • Increased Number of Interactive Opportunities. To allow visitors to learn not just be reading and seeing, but by doing.
  • 3D Interactive Sandbox. To allow visitors to explore topography and it’s effects on the landscape.
  • Upgraded and Expanded Cenozoic Mammals of Pinal County. To allow visitors to see the array of mammals that inhabited our area after the Dinosaurs.
  • As part of that display we'd like to come up with a Columbian Mammoth skull or full -size skull replica.
  • Mines and Minerals of Pinal County Display. To allow visitors to learn about and appreciate the long mining history of our County.
  • Volcanoes of Pinal County Display. To allow visitors to explore how different volcanoes, at different times, have had a role in shaping the landscape around us.
  • Lighted display cabinets to upgrade the exhibits on Pinal County Geology, Paleontology, and other displays. To allow better interpretation and display of the long geologic history of the county, and allow us to display more fragile specimens.

Other Items

  • Sidewalk-standing A-frame sign. We could use at least one more.
  • Moveable walls for temporary exhibits.


Please Donate