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The Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum welcomes visitors, students and researchers to the growing museum. Begun in 2016, the displays are ever changing, the collections are ever expanding and new acquisitions happen frequently making this Museum a "must see" stop in the East Valley of Arizona.

Dinosaurs Come to Coolidge

The Pinal Geology Museum has acquired three new dinosaurs, a dilophosaurus raptor model, a pteranodon model, and a life size cast of a t-rex skull. These are from the Dinosaur Museum in Tucson which has closed.

dilophsaurus dinosaur model

pteranodon dinosaur model

T-Rex dinosaur model

New Museum Exhibit -  The Fossil Mammals of Pinal County exhibit now open 

Cenozic (prehistoric) Life in Pinal County

Cenozoic Life in Pinal County


Some very unusual animals lived in Pinal County during the Cenozoic Era, the age of mammals. We find animals that live in Africa today and fossils of animals that are now extinct. These fossils were found at several localities in the County and nearby in Pima or Maricopa Counties.



Hemphillian Time


A locality on the San Pedro River called Camel Canyon has produced a number of fossils of mammals that lived there about 5 million years ago. Some of the fossils found there include bears, stabbing cats, mastodons, horses, two kinds of camels, and llamas.


      Fossil mastodon skull


Another locality on the San Pedro River just across the County line in Pima County near Redington had all the animals found at Camel Canyon plus another type of stabbing cat,wolves, dogs, wolverines and other smaller mammals.


Fossil skelton of a stabbing cat


Rancholabrean Time


At another locality near Camel Canyon called Cerros Negros fossil mammals about 2 million years old have been found. A mammoth and horse fossils were found there.




Fossil Columbian mammoth skeleton


Many other unusual animals have been found as fossils in different parts of Arizona. They were certainly present in Pinal County also, but have not been preserved. Things like sabertooth tigers, lions, rhinoceros, and gomphothere.


Gomphothere, an armadillo like animal





Fossil lion skeleton



Fossil skeleton of a large prehistoric bird


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Wild Orchids

Take a virtual tour: the photo gallery below contains digital samples from our collection.

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