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The Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum is dedicated to educating the public through its exhibits, collections, public lectures, tours and other programs. We strive to provide a wide range of unique learning experiences that will enhance our visitors' understanding of the natural world.

The museum provides teaching and outreach programs through presentations of geological, mineralogical, paleontological, and anthropologic materials for the education and enjoyment of its visitors. We have a special focus on creating exhibits of geological and mineralogical samples from around the state of Arizona as well as unique specimens from around the world.


Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum

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The Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum desires not only to be a place to visit and enjoy the exhibits and demonstrations but also to be a place of learning. We expect many of the local schools to take advantage of the local opportunity to bring school tours through the museum. We expect to have our museum staff to conduct professional development seminars to teach the teachers how to present and understand the earths history. We hope science professionals will use the collections for research and learning.

Tours & Seminars


 Museum is Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 to 2. 

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